Matthiesen Baggers Series VL y VLS
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Matthiesen Baggers Series VL y VLS



Standard Features
  • Electrical – 115 volt, 1 phase, 60 cycle. Other electrical available
  • All electrical components are UL approved
  • Full load Amp draw: 20 Amps at 115/1/60 – 10 Amps at 220/1/60
  • All motors are Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC). Washdown motors available.
  • Adjustable speed, can fill 20-47 bags per minute
  • Standard machine is galvanized – stainless steel is available
  • Can be equipped with a spill return screw
  • All ice contacts points are either stainless steel or covered in FDA approved UHMW
  • NSF available
  • Top load model VL. Bottom load with incline screw model VLS.
  • Capacities VL35/VLS35= 3Lbs. a 5Lbs. VL510/VLS510= 5Lbs. a 10Lbs. VL815/VLS815= 8Lbs. a 15Lbs.   VL2025/VLS2025= 20Lbs. a 25Lbs.



Ice Baggers, Matthiesen