Refrigerant Float Switch
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Refrigerant Float Switch

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Refrigerant Float Switch




Refrigerant Float Switch

The Hansen Refrigerant Float Switch (HLL series) is used to electrically indicate or control a liquid level by opening or closing a single pole, double throw (SPDT) switch. Its simple, reliable design provides long life performance for almost any application.
To overcome the most common reason for existing float switch failure-switch burnout-a heavy-duty 10 amp snap action Honeywell Micro Switch® is used. This switch is sealed in a clear housing to allow visual confirmation of switch action but protection from tampering. In addition, the switch is surrounded by an inert gas that provides an environment which inhibits corrosion. An optional switch housing heater prevents moisture penetration in humid environments. These float switches have a rugged steel tank assembly and a high-strength, large diameter ball stem to eliminate potential stem bending or breakage. Hansen Refrigerant Float Switches are interchangeable with R/S LL series float switches.




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