Screw conveyor
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Screw conveyor

The Matthiesen Screw Conveyor System can be custom fabricated to fit any configuration at your facility. Options include jailbars, downspouts, inclines, variable pitches, liners, portability, and many more. Contact our sales team today to find out how this equipment can increase your productivity.



  • Types: Horizontal, Vertical, Incline, Portable
  • Diameters: 6”, 9”, 12” snd 16”
  • Lengths: Tailored to meet your requirements
  • Construction: Galvanized metal, stainless steel – 304 – standard finish, food grade finish is available upon request



  1. A) Conveyor screw
  2. B) Jig Drilled Couplings
  3. C) Hangars and bearings
  4. D) Troughs ends
  5. E) Troughs, Covers, Clamps and Shrouds
  6. F) Flanges
  7. G) Feed and discharge spouts
  8. H) Supporting feet and Saddles



Screw conveyors may be ordered either as complete units or by individual components. Complete units are assembled, pre-tested, marked, and disassembled prior to shipment. When “components only” are ordered, shipment is made as ordered and these components must be sorted out and aligned during field assembly. Because shop-assembled screw conveyors are pre-aligned and match-marked at the factory, they are easier to assemble in the field and require minimum installation time. When individual components are ordered, more careful field alignment and assembly are required, thus more time is required for field installation. Assembly bolts are included with complete units, but not included with “component only” orders unless specified.