Vilter Reciprocating Compressors
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Vilter Reciprocating Compressors


VMC 440 y VMC 450 XL


VMC 440 and VMC 450 XL Vilter offers four different lines of reciprocating refrigeration compressors, including the VMC 440 and VMC 450 XL models.


The 450 XL is an extremely versatile compressor that incorporates all the functions of the Vilter VMC 440, which is internationally renowned, but also offers significant savings per ton of refrigeration produced.


It can operate at a compression ratio of up to 14: 1 with certain refrigerants. It can be driven by belts up to 305 hp (300 BHP) or direct drive up to 380 hp (375 BHP). It can operate with pressure differentials up to 250 psi, at an actual discharge pressure of 350 psig, and at a suction pressure of up to 150 psig.