Storage Bins

Manitowoc ice offers two bin styles The D-bins are (LIF0) ice last in, is the ice first scooped out and the LB-Bins are (FIFO) ice first in is the ice first scooped out. Bins range in size from 22” (55.9 cm) to 60” (152.4 cm) in width and application storage capacities from 263 lb (119 kg) to 1693 lb (620 kg)

Arctic Pure PIus

Ultra fine filtration (0.5 microns) with silver impregnated carbon block and slowly soluble polyphosphates provides triple protection from harmful contaminates that can affect your ice and machine’s performance. Certified to NSF standards 42 and 53 by IAPO and meets CUPC

K00462 Secure Fastening Kit

Securely fast the Indigo NXT ice machine head to the pre-drilled inserts on the back of the D-bin series. Stainless steel flanged feet attach to bin and can be screwed to the floor. 

K00511 & K00485 Merchandiser

Sanitation Station Approved:  Mulit-Mount External Scoop Holder, Metal Scoop and Powder Chemical Merchandiser.  Cardboard Merchandiser only “Sanitation Station” for retail display of sanitation products. 

Liquid Descaler & Sanitizer

Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaner/Descaler and Sanitizer are the only products approved for use in Manitowoc ice machines. Ice machine cleaner/descaler is used to remove lime scale and mineral deposits. Ice machine sanitizer disinfects and removes algae and slime.

K00376 and K00516 Drain Pump

Designed for filling both ice buckets and glasses. The touch-less lever activated ice chute means the ice bucket or glass is used to dispense ice, not a hand.  The rim of the glass is free from contact.   Clearance from the grate to the bottom of the chute is 9.25″ (23.5 cm) 

K00497 and K00523 Touchless Lever kits

When using the Manitowoc Touchless Lever Activated Chute users are presented with improved sanitation. The lever eliminates the need to touch a hand to the machine to dispense ice. The receptacle is responsible for assisting in dispensing the ice.

LuminIce II Virus and Bacteria Inhibitor

LuminIce is an advanced sanitation device which defends against viruses, bacteria, mold and yeast using chemical-free ultraviolet light technology. The device creates “active air” by circulating air inside the ice machine food zone over a sterilizing UV light. As this treated air.

Luminice Bulb Replacements

LuminIce® Replacement Bulbs: NOTE:  Bulbs are not interchangeable between LuminIce® versions. 


An efficient, dependable, and affordable accessory that schedules and preforms routine ice machine cleaning automatically.The innovative AuCS accessory virtually eliminates the need to have a service technician preform manual cleaning procedures on the water distribution system of your.

Powder Descaler & Rinse

Manitowoc Ice Machine Powder Cleaner/Descaler and Rinse are the only products approved for use in Manitowoc ice machines. Ice machine Cleaner/Descaler is used to remove lime scale and mineral deposits. Ice machine Rinse removes algae and slime.

SPA to SFA Conversion Kit

The K00522 conversion kit is design to convert your existing SPA162 or SPA312 to an SFA model which includes a water valve in addition to the ice dispenser. NOTE:  The SPA-SFA conversion kit does not include an ice chute.  If a touchless chute is desired, an additional chute kit..

Top Air Discharge Kit

Top Air Discharge Kit transfers air discharge from the sides of the ice machine to the top by having the louvered side panel on the top of the machine rather than the sides. This is ideal for locations where space on the sides of the ice machine is limited.Top Air Discharge kit is avilabe..

Multi-Mount External Scoop Holder

The multi-mount external scoop holder improves overall sanitation. With the addition of the holder, it makes daily operations much quicker and easier. Keep your scoop protected and never lose your scoop AGAIN! For and assembly video visit or the Manitowoc YouTube..

K00463 - Metal Scoop

When using the Manitowoc metal scoop, users are presented with improved sanitation and a ergonomic grip when scooping ice. With the lifetime warranty offered, it’ll be the last ice scoop you’ll ever have to buy!

Ice Bagger

Easy to use ice bagging attachment ideal for convenience store, supermarket, recreation and campground bagged ice production

CleanAir Pack

Slime is a leading cause of ice machine breakdowns and biological growth is a health concern.Manitowoc’s exclusive CleanAir Pack Accessory releases chlorine dioxide on a controlled basis to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi that form slime and cause odors in the food zone of ice.

CNF Stand

The CNF Stand provides another option when there is no counter space availabe for a CNF 201 or 202. 

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