ULTRA-Hygienic evaporators for coolers, process room and other areas requiring the highest level of hygiene and cleanability. The U-SSTME Series evaporators offer superior accessibility features, clean cabinet/pan design and corrosion inhibiting materials of construction.

  • Hygienic cabinet design with all stainless steel casing
  • All welded, stainless steel drain pan with rounded corners
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel fans with stainless steel fan screens.
  • Heavy wall, 5/8 inch OD, stainless steel tubing featuring CrossCool™ Internal Tube Enhancement
  • Full welded unit hangers and drain pan hangers
  • Fully welded stainless steel motor mount
  • Sanitary spacers to provide ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Standard aluminum fin construction as standard (available with 3.3, and 4.3 fins per inch)
  • Optimized recirculation rate of 1.2:1.0 significantly reduces system refrigerant charge
  • Low sound fan motors ranging from ¼ horsepower to 2 horsepower in 690, 870, 1160, and 1750 RPM
  • Easy Installation
  • AHRI Standard 420 Certified™

Warm room air is drawn into the evaporator across the cooling coil. Refrigerant is circulated through the coil of the evaporator. Heat from the air is absorbed by the refrigerant through the coil tubes causing a portion of the refrigerant to evaporate. The air is cooled as it travels through the coil and is discharged into the room.

Optimized Coil Design
Heat Exchanger Coil

The coil tube diameter, geometry, and circuiting have been optimized through thousands of hours of theoretical modeling and laboratory testing.    

  • Through the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling software, finite heat transfer analysis, and proprietary coil performance calculation methods, EVAPCO engineers have identified significant design elements to improve the finned coil performance
  • The circuiting program used on all EVAPCO coils has been optimized based on actual coil operation in EVAPCO’s world class research laboratory

The result is optimal heat transfer efficiency with low airside pressure drop and low motor horsepower per ton.

Innovative Coil Technology

U-SSTME Series evaporators use stainless steel tubes featuring CrossCool, an internal tube enhancement that improves the internal film coefficient for more efficient heat transfer, resulting in:

  • Reduced refrigerant charge
  • Reduced refrigerant pump horsepower
  • Lower operating cost
  • Smaller line sizes and reduced overall installation costs
Advanced Materials & Design Features
Superior Stainless Steel Technology

U-SSTME Series evaporators are constructed with high-grade type 304L stainless steel tubing and aluminum fins as standard.

  • Meets the requirements of ASME B31.5 refrigerant piping code
  • Stainless steel tubes are available in 5/8 inch OD
  • Coils are built in 3.3, 4.3, and 6 FPI as standard using a full-collar aluminum fin

For applications where corrosion of the aluminum fin is a concern, EVAPCO offers pre-coated epoxy fin stock.

EVAPCO also offers high performance stainless steel fins for applications where coatings are not acceptable, including any installation near open food products and production areas.

Efficient Evaporator Fans

EVAPCO’s extensive air side research and testing has identified fans with the best combination of efficiency and sound levels. Fans used in the ULTRA Series evaporators have performance curves generated in EVAPCO’s AMCA Fan Test Chamber, ensuring the fans perform as required to deliver the certified cooling effect and power ratings as stated in the equipment quotation and submitted data.

  • Standard catalog models are selected to provide low sound levels
  • EVAPCO’s low sound fan selections provide more comfort and a safer working environment for personnel entering the cold space
Durable Fan Motors

U-SSTME Series evaporators are supplied with Washdown Duty, totally enclosed air over (TEAO), foot-mounted fan motors with sealed bearings and low-temperature grease. Optional stainless steel motors are available. Standard fan motors are suitable for operation on variable frequency drive from ¼ horsepower fractional motors to 2 horsepower motors, and are suitable for 230/460-volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle applications.

  • Standard motors are across-the-line start and operate at either 690, 870, 1160, or 1750 RPM
  • All 870 RPM motors up to 1 HP, all 1160 RPM motors up to 1-1/2 HP, and all 1750 RPM motors up to 2 HP are equipped with automatic thermal overload protection.
  • All fan motors, including fractional horsepower fan motors, are foot-mounted for improved durability in a wide range of operating conditions    
  • All fan motors are pre-wired to a NEMA 4x junction box
Sloped Top Panels

Sloped top panels prevent accumulation of moisture from condensation or clean-up cycles.

Hygienic Drain Pans

All welded stainless steel construction with rounded corners and sloped in two directions to prevent water from pooling.

  • Drain pans are factory mounted prior to shipment
  • Drain pans are insulated as standard
Air Discharge Arrangements

Air discharge options impact free delivery of air and are not certified under AHRI Standard 420.

  • Stainless steel long throw adapters for installation in large rooms or corridors
  • 45° downblow configuration for layout flexibility
  • Air defrost with insulated drain pans
  • Hot gas, coil only defrost with insulated drain pan
  • Hot gas coil and pan with a hot gas coil under the inner drain pan.

The unique design of the hot gas drain pan provides for highly efficient defrost Hot gas defrost units may be piped with either parallel feed to coil and drain pan or series flow from drain pan to coil Hot gas pan-to-coil piping includes a factory mounted check valve


Fan motors are prewired to a terminal box as standard.

  • Wiring on one- and two- fan models terminate with leads inside a NEMA 4X junction box
  • For models with three or more fan motors, a terminal strip is included to which the motor leads are wired Other electrical options include:
  • Prewired to a terminal strip
  • Prewired to a common non-fused disconnect
  • Prewired to a disconnect with thermal overload protection
Fan Motors

Optional motors are available, including:

  • Stainless steel motors for improved cleanability
  • Multi-speed fan motors to match equipment capacity to reduce heat load requirements
Custom Coil Applications

EVAPCO offers a broad range of unit configurations along with engineering expertise and manufacturing capability to design and build virtually any type of non-cataloged custom coil or special unit. Simply contact your EVAPCO Representative to get started.

Coil and Fin Options
  • Pre-coated epoxy fins to provide additional resistance to corrosion
  • Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for Canadian applications
  • High conductivity stainless steel fin
  • Reheat coils for applications requiring humidity control.
  • A separate heating coil is designed and circuited for refrigerant or an alternate heat source and is installed on the leaving air side of the cooling coil to heat the air to the desired temperature Heavy fins constructed from 0.028-inch heavy gauge aluminum, 8-times stronger than the standard thickness fins.
  • Ideal for harsh environments and heavy frost applications

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