valvula check HCK1

These heavy duty flanged piston type check valves control the flow of coolant.

  • Valves open wide for flow in the direction of the arrow on the valve body. Valves close tight when flow reversals occur.

  • The piston design minimizes pulsation.

  • Valves open when inlet pressure exceeds outlet pressure (1 psid [.07 bar] minimum), thereby lifting the piston/seat assembly and allowing flow through the valve.

  • When the inlet pressure and outlet pressure equalize, the weight of the piston/seat assembly causes the valve to close.

  • If the outlet pressure exceeds the inlet pressure, the outlet pressure acting on the piston/seat also helps close the valve.


valvula check hck4

The series HCK4 of check valves in-line reliable, compact, and robust (check valves disk type) is ideal for applications in the control of flow of refrigerant.

  • The valves open fully to the flow in the direction of the arrow on the valve body. The valves close quickly and reliably when they occur investments flow.

  • The bodies are plated and the disk seat and stainless steel springs allow them to withstand the conditions of industrial refrigeration expected.

  • The check valves can be mounted in any position and be attached to other valves.



These solenoid valves of advanced design, body resistant and manufactured with precision control the flow of coolant on and off. They are superior in their ability to overcome the dirt and oil sticky during the opening and closing, and they work without problems even in a “dry” oil-free.

When energized electrically, the upstream pressure is transported through the solenoid pilot to the top of the piston to push it down and open fully the valve seat main; when disabled, the pressure is transmitted to the top of the piston and a spring closes the seat of the main valve to stop the flow in the direction of the arrow on the valve body.


These valves regulate the flow plug, slotted, adjustable and calibrated with accuracy (expansion valves manual) are ideal for measuring or flash the expansion of liquid coolants. Its splined caps are more tolerant of the dirt particles that valve expansion plug with tapered metal seat common and are less susceptible to the drawing.

Valves 2½” (65 mm) and larger have a shutter characterized. All valves have flow characteristics are almost linear-by-turn open and close tightly with teflon seats. These valves have stems made of stainless steel with rear seat to replace the seal. The seal without leakage patented plus the packaging design allows for operation of couple under to the settings of the valve, since the nut of the packaging requires little adjustment. The lids with handle bar or with yellow seal set it apart from the shutoff valves. Suitable for ammonia, or halocarbons.


The valves gauge, purge and transducer specially designed by Hansen have bodies of steel forged resistant, compact size, and stems of polished stainless steel. Its patented design o-ring more packing of double seal and stems of polished stainless steel to provide a gasket without any leaks. The design of the stem of security prevents the extraction of the stem of the body or the “blowout” of the stem. Available with a Long Neck version ® that provides additional space for the rotation of rotation of the gauge. They are available in all sizes and styles of globe or angle MPT or FPT 1/4 “or 3/8”. 

The valves gauge, purge and transducer Hansen are available with sealing covers, door handles, bar or shank nude. Often used to isolate pressure gauges on regulators, these valves can also be used to pump, purge, and measure refrigerant liquid, or gas.


Shut-off valves refrigerant pressure drop of Hansen are designed to be welded butt directly to the pipe of steel, eliminating potential flanges leaking or screw connections and simplifies the installation. The bodies of molten steel, are lightweight, but have a wall thickness substantially to overcome the corrosion potential.

The body of molten steel, it is rigid, which reduces the possibility of leaks in the seat due to the bending of the valve body in abnormal conditions. The “heart” of the shutoff valves Hansen’s is the patented design of seal and sealing without leakage. This seal design is used exclusively in the shutoff valves Hansen and virtually eliminates leakage of the stem seal.


The design and advanced materials of the valves of the refrigerant weld fitting with steel body Hansen make them stronger and far superior to other commonly available products. This is especially true in regard to the leaking of the seats, stems, caps and connections of the pipes.

The bodies of steel with welding socket allow these valves to be welded quickly and easily directly on the pipe without the inconvenience of threading pipe or use valves with flanges of iron more bulky with steel flanges with welding socket that require bolts, nuts and gaskets.

In comparison with the valves, butt welding, the bodies of welding socket Hansen allow a welding faster, an alignment easier of the pipe and an interior cleaner in the pipe and the valve.


The design and advanced materials of the shutoff valves of the refrigerant threaded Hansen make them far superior to the commonly available products, especially in regard to the absence of leaks in the seats, the stems and the caps. Anyone who has experienced the failure of a valve to close at a crucial moment will be careful to insist on these valves are highly reliable.

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